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Yearly Update from the Philadelphia Firebirds

2015-09-18 :

Please Note: Every convention, we receive an update from the Philadelphia Firebirds. It gets delivered by the queen herself, Joan Schott. Below is the copy of Joan’s speech, delivered at the Albany/Utica convention 2015. We hope you enjoy reading it. It won’t be the same as if you were there in person listening to Joan’s unique way of delivering a message, but at least you will know what was said.

Good Morning fellow Booster Clubs Family Members.

For the Rookies present, I am Joan Schott, President of the Philadelphia Firebirds Booster Club. And all you Rookies are probably too young to have ever heard of the Firebirds. I assure they are not a figment of my imagination. They really did exist for two seasons. I am happy to be back in Albany for Convention. The last time it was here in 2000, I was a month away from becoming a grandmother. And social media was not as prevalent then as it is today.

Fifteen years later, my grandson Steven is a sophomore in high school where he made the honor roll each quarter of his Freshman year. Steven plays the drums in the school band and on any other flat surface around, is in the choir and plays hockey for the local township. This summer he decided not to play baseball. His father was asked if Steven might like to umpire and Steven was happy to do that. When I talked to him about how he got the job he said Daddy got it for me and I get paid $18 a game during the week and $25 on the weekend. I said Oh, Daddy got you the job. Well that makes Daddy your agent and agents get 10% of your salary. There was dead silence on the phone, then Steven said he would have to think about that, after all he was the one earning the money. What a rude awakening he is going to have later on when he starts paying FICA, IRS, state and city taxes on the money he earns. He has no idea that he will be working 5 and one half months a year to cover all these taxes.

Also since 2000, the world of Facebook has been opened to me. I had been on Facebook several years but rarely looked at it until this year. When I did, I found so much minutia there. Who wants to see pictures of animals? Yes, they are all adorable and flowers, yes they are all beautiful and who really cares that so and so is going to have dinner at their favorite restaurant or going to the gym. And my favorite is the one when someone lets you know they are getting a pedicure. Next year, I am due for a colonoscopy do I post this on Facebook?

Ken and Steven decided to visit Philadelphia and spend some time with me, so we had our annual meeting in Philadelphia this year and since it was not an election year, I remain president. They arrived on a Thursday and went to the outlet mall Thursday evening to look for Philly sports items. On Friday, we went to the pool and that evening they went to the Phillies game; Saturday, after going to Forman Mills to look for additional Philly related items, they went to the Phillies game and preceding both games they went to Chickie & Pete's for their dinner. Then, Sunday afternoon they went to the Phillies game and left for home from there. Did you notice exactly how much time they actually spent with me?

Ken, "the great college hockey journalist for the Schenectady Gazette" (his words, not mine) begins his 25th year of covering Union College hockey and the 20th year of his radio show on Fox Sports 980. He is very proficient on Facebook and is actually the one who told me what I was missing by not checking my account daily.

Now, I am not going to go crazy with social media. I don't send text messages, I don't shoot videos for YouTube. Can you just imagine what they might be like? Nor do I plan on opening a Twitter account. And, Snapchat, what the heck is that? And, of course, my speech is now probably trending on Twitter since I gave Ken a copy to review. I have made an impact!

Thank you and enjoy the rest of this marvelous Family Reunion.

Good Afternoon and Good Hockey!

Written By: Joan Schott, Philadelphia Firebirds Booster Club

Posted: 2016-03-12


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