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Chicago Boosters Hold Annual WolfPack Appreciation

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2015-03-07 : Rosemont, IL

Tuesday, March 3rd, was the night of the 2015 WolfPack Player Appreciation Party, and I think it was safe to assume a good time was had by all who attended. There were a few minor glitches, but it didn’t keep any of us from enjoying ourselves.

The room we had for the event was beautiful, all decked out in red, black and silver. As usual, there was a giant table of raffle prizes of both the $1 and $5 variety. There was also a huge table for the silent auction of trinket boxes which were decorated by the players. We had something new this year - a photo booth. Quite a few people took advantage of it, including several of our players (little did they know those pictures would turn up in print)!

The evening started with passed appetizers and a well-stocked open bar. For the first time ever, the bar’s beer selection included Spotted Cow and believe me there were more than a few fans (Note to self: next year, plan on bringing at least two more cases to the party)! During the cocktail hour, quite a few of the fans played a game of “Know Your Wolves Bingo” with the prize being a team signed stick. It wasn’t easy, but sure was fun.

After drinks, it was time for introductions of our dignitaries, coaches and players. Our master of ceremonies and colorman extrordinaire, Billy Gardner did a FABULOUS job (as always).

You know what came next - our famous icebreaker game, and it was as competitive as ever. I have to say I was shocked when the item to find was a driver’s license from anywhere but Illinois, and all the participants had one of their own! We didn’t have quite as many players participating as we did last year, but those who did were great. The big winner of the game was Ben Eager who won prizes for everyone on his table for being the last one standing.

Instead of the station style dinner we’ve had the past few years, we had a family style dinner. No one could have possibly gone hungry after soup, salad, three kinds of meat, potatoes, vegetable and AWESOME cheesecake. If by some strange reason you were still hungry, there was a giant sweets table with the best looking and tasting variety of desserts you could imagine.

After a huge dinner (and another trip to the bar), it was time for the night’s festivities to begin. First up was a game similar to charades, but using an IPAD. There were three teams of three players each. One player held the IPAD over his head (so he couldn’t see it) while the other two players had to make him say what it said.

It sounds funny and it was, but the overwhelming disturbing thing is how old it made some of us feel when the guys had no idea what some of the movies were that they had to make their partner guess!

After the IPAD game, there was a short video “roasting” Coach Anderson on his career and 1,000 wins. While everyone who has played for or worked with Johnny has more than a few stories, very few people were willing to share. Apparently, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” applies to hockey teams as well. There were some great clips from former assistant coaches Scott Allen and Todd Nelson, as well as, material from Bill Bentley, Kenny McCudden and, of course, Skates.

We owe a huge thanks to Bill for getting video from Nelly for us! Next up was the award presentation.

Billy Gardner gave the player of the month awards to the following:

October: Matt Climie
November: Ty Rattie
December: Philip McRae
January: Pat Cannone

The last award of the evening was the most important, the Dan Snyder Heart Award. This year’s winner was Brent Regner who was very deserving for all he has done on and off the ice. He promised he and the rest of the team would give the 110% effort needed to make the season last as long as it possibly could.

When the awards were finished, it was time for all the winners to pick up their raffle prizes and silent auction items. Judging by the look of the prizes they won, we need to get really friendly with Nancy & Keith Stanbury. Hopefully we would be invited to help them out with some of the wine and beer they won! After some dancing, more pictures in the photo booth, and a few more trips to the bar, the night was over.

Written By: Grace Garritano, Chicago WolfPack Booster Club

Posted: 2016-03-12


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