Association of AHL Booster Clubs
Coming Together As One
Welcome to the new
Association of
American Hockey
League Booster Club
Executive Board
Terri Lewis (BAL)
Vice President:
Bill Walch (MAN)
Chris O'Shea (WOR)
Cindy Haluszczak (PIT)
Convention Chair:
Chip Hanucsik (WBS)

The Philadelphia Firebirds and the Pittsburgh Penguins Booster Clubs are busy working
on the 50th Annual AAHLBC convention or the “Family Reunion”.

We are planning some different things for this year:

•  We are putting together a 50th commemorative book that everyone will receive – we will
be selling one line, business card and ½ page ads in the book – these costs are $5; $15
and $25 to help the defray the printing costs.

• In this book – we will list everyone who is attending convention this year as a
remembrance of all who helped in celebrating 50 years – if you do not want your
information listed (name, address, email) – please let us know.

• We are working with Dennis Gottesman to put together a 50th video that everyone will
receive – we need more pictures.

• We need some nice photos of all the officers – both present and from years past – Joe
Tieghe, Al Lawrence, Al Walters, Rick Shaw, Earl “Hoppy” Hopkins, Jack Schott, May
Spence, Joyce Palmer,  to name a few – if you have some – please let us know.

• We have been approached by a number of people who attend – to also offer a t shirt this year as they don’t wear golf shirts and they want the 50th
shirt – so we are offering both options.  An order sheet will be available soon.

• I know that there was some talk at last year’s convention about dressing “formal” for Saturday night.  I know that some of us are planning on doing
this - to honor those that started the convention but the required dress is still a suit or dress pants and suit coat for men and pants suit or dress for

• Still looking at a photo booth for Friday night with hockey themed items and a photographer on Saturday night to take formal photos.

• We also want to make a listing of those who have met and married because of convention – it seems to be a Baltimore thing – (Howie & Terri
Lewis; Bill & Dee Steeves; Jim & Diana Clukey) are ones that come to our minds.

• Since the lobby of this hotel is right off the street and really not that big – we are going to have a hospitality room open from 11 to 4 – right off the
registration area from Wednesday to Friday – for people to sit and talk – there will be pop and water available then.  

• Additionally we are planning on having registration open from 11 to 4 – starting on Wednesday.  

• Our charity this year is the “Jack Schott Memorial Scholarship Fund”.  Please make checks payable to Holy Ghost Preparatory School and write
Jack Scott Memorial Scholarship on the memo line.  It was nice to see that Holy Ghost won the Jack Schott Memorial Basketball tournament this
year and Joan present the trophies.  

• Thanks to everyone who filled out their plane arrival information – if you have made airline reservations since the registration form was filled –
please get that information to us – we are planning on picking everyone up at the airport.  Additionally – let us know your departure information as
well – with a home Steeler game – we will have to plan trips to the airport around traffic.  

•        Shirt and pin information as well as Side trip information will be available soon.  

•        At this time – we have 232 people signed up for convention.  

•        As for future conventions:

  2015 - Albany with some help from Utica.  Thanks to Albany and Utica for agreeing to host.  

  2016 – Springfield group is exploring its possibilities to host.

  2017 – Providence has a committee and is already getting things together.  

  2018 – Bridgeport

  2019 – Chicago

• We still need pictures – if you have pictures of past conventions or of some of the officers – please get them to us as soon as possible.

Please send all information to:

Melinda Harty
691 Lindsay Road
Carnegie, PA  15106

Or email to mharty@valspar.com

Checks for ads in the book – payable to Pittsburgh Penguins Booster Club
AAHLBC 50th Update
31 - Binghamton
19 - Hershey
18 - Bridgeport
18 - Rochester
18 - WB/Scranton
16 - Syracuse
12 - Albany
11 - Cleveland
11 - Pittsburgh
10 - Manchester
08 - Hamilton
08 - Lowell
08 - Philly Phantoms
08 - Rockford
06 - Chicago
06 - Providence
06 - Springfield
03 - Worcester
02 - Baltimore
02 - Moncton
01 - Halifax
01 - Philly Firebirds
01 - Utica
01 - Portland
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